About Historic Homes, Inc.

Preserving the timeless splendor and value of your property is the primary concern of Historic Homes, Inc. in Salisbury, New Hampshire. Founder Richard Mecke has always been passionate about old buildings and is now strengthening historic homes with the stability of modern architecture.

Our Founder

When Richard was 4, he worked on a renovation with his father at a construction site in Green Harbor, Marshfield, Massachusetts. He helped replace sills, joists, and wide pine flooring. Working without nail guns, reciprocating saws, pressure-treated lumber, and plywood, Richard acknowledges that it was a different and quite difficult time.

First Business

Richard worked in masonry, carpentry, and painting jobs after school, during the summer, and most weekends of his childhood. In 1974, he started his first business and has since then completed thousands of designing, restoring, demolition, building, and reconstruction projects that include:

• Homes • Masonry Structures • Antique Furniture • Land Development Projects

Educational Background

Richard continued to be a hands-on owner of his business while attending Northeastern University in the evenings of 1979 to 1985. Richard became a licensed construction supervisor in 1977. In the past 36 years, Richard's work has been featured in hundreds of national newspaper and magazine articles, and he has appeared on TV's Chronicle "Lost Art, Taken for Granite."

Great Crew

The combined efforts and expertise of our many long-time employees and contractors give our company the advantage over others. We have relationships dating back to 1974. Through these relationships we developed a harmonious and unique understanding of the construction process. This is necessary to complete restorations at the highest possible level of quality, efficiency, and accuracy.

Green Innovations

A majority of the components that we use in restoring homes and furniture are recycled. We also constantly improve our techniques to adhere to the green movement. Mechanical systems are hidden from these accurate, detailed, and energy-efficient historic homes.

Contact us today in Salisbury, New Hampshire, for accurate preservation and restoration of prized, historic homes.